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We bring the beauty of nature to you. Our services are designed to keep your home or business’ lawns lush and attractive. We construct walkways, remove weeds, select the right types of plants, and ensure that your lawns are watered regularly.

Apart from lawn care and irrigation system installation and repair, we also install outdoor lighting systems. These effectively illuminate property facades, lawns, gardens, and yards.

Our team offers custom landscape design for new and existing lawns and grounds. We take drab outdoor areas and turn them into inviting green spaces that you, your loved ones, and your visitors will truly enjoy spending time in.

Say goodbye to dry and dusty lawns with help from Marco’s Landscaping Services in Newnan, GA. We are dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into natural works of art.

Our company caters to a variety of clients, including homeowners, business owners, and condominium or apartment managers.


Not only does a sprinkler system keep your grass, plants, and trees healthy–if properly set up and maintained, it can also help conserve water. Having a good system can also boost the resale value of your home or building.

Our company designs and installs sprinkler systems to handle all your watering needs. To keep your irrigation systems in top shape, we also offer maintenance and repair services. We use Hunter and Rain Bird products.

A florida golf green being irrigated with reclaimed water in the morning.


To keep your landscape looking its best, you need to care for it regularly. Routine trimming, mowing, and edging are a must.

Lawn maintenance requires a lot of time and hard work. If you don’t relish the thought of spending hours each day watering plants and uprooting weeds, contact us! Our lawn maintenance program helps preserve the appearance of your landscape without any effort on your part.

A man trimming hedge with trimmer machine.


Dimly lit exteriors aren’t just unappealing–they can also be unsafe. Our outdoor lighting system prevents accidents at home that are caused by poor visibility. It may even deter break-ins, as burglars are less likely to target brightly lit homes.

It also extends the functionality of your lawn, porch, and deck. With outdoor lights, you can throw late-night parties, hold barbecues on summer evenings, or simply sit in your garden swing while admiring your well-lit lawn.

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